1ST RULE: Have fun!

BUT….. There are A FEW RULES and Real-Axed takes them VERY SERIOUSLY!

Safety is predominant with everything that we do at Real-Axed. Please carefully read and understand everything that is mentioned below to ensure a safe and very enjoyable experience for everyone!

Throwing: Upon arriving to your event you will be instructed on safety, throwing technique and the structure of play. By not adhering to these rules will make for an unsafe environment for everyone and we cannot have that.

-Do not touch the blade!

-Watch your step while getting onto trailer.

-Any personal axes or other throwing items in our lanes are prohibited. Real-Axed will provide all axes for your event as this is our insurance requirement.

-Close toed shoes required at all times while throwing axes.

-Do not retrieve your axe while the other lane next to you is throwing. No thrower is to throw an axe at a target while there is a person in between or in front of the thrower.

-No TRICK shots of any kind are allowed. Only forward-facing and overhead throws allowed. Let’s save the tricks for another inside venue.

-Do not engage in any behavior which would endanger the health, safety or well-being of another player, staff or spectator.

-No horse playing, no mishandling the equipment. Let’s help to maintain and keep all equipment in good working order. 

Minors: Must be over the age of 10 and all minors that are present must be accompanied by an adult, with a signed parental waiver that IS required. If you as the adult will not be able to accompany the minor, you must fill out the paperwork ahead of time and included in that paperwork have a phone number and a picture of your driver’s license. This is for the safety of everyone!

Staff: We will always have 1 staff member onsite to help, direct and monitor. You will need to follow all directions given by our staff of axe throwing professionals. We will give 1 warning to anybody not following the safety rules. PLEASE NOTE AT ANY TIME WE CAN STOP THE LANE FOR NOT ADHERING TO SAID SAFETY RULES OR IF WE OBSERVE AN UNSAFE ACT.

We ask that all participants behave in a responsible and respectful manner. We are all here to have fun, but everyone’s safety must come first.

***Please be aware that ANY violations to anything mentioned on this form, of our safety policies guidelines and unsafe behavior by any members of your group may result in you being unable to participate in the event. And/ or removal from your premises. This would then cancel your event and your event fee WILL NOT be refunded. ***